Thursday, September 1, 2011

Google dictionary support

The new feature of is Google dictionary.

Auto text selection is also working for dictionary feature. 
ENGLISH, CHINESE_SIMPLIFIED, CHINESE_TRADITIONAL, CZECH, DUTCH, FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, KOREAN, PORTUGUESE, RUSSIAN and SPANISH are supported languages by Google. And bookmarklet is supporting them. we wish to enjoy with it.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

And now remembers your language option.

Hello, I need to warn you I have very bad English,

So, I have added a new feature to bookmarklet. I shared in friendfeed and a user has suggested that feature. And the bookmarklet remembers language option of user.

I have considered cookies, when I was adding this feature. I needed to save the language option and it must be permanent. But cookies can save datas for only one website and they have a time to live value. Damn it :P anyway I need a server side technology , and I decided to use google app engine. Because it's very easy to handle datastore. I am using google web toolkit for client side of, GWT and GAE are compatible. So I used both of them. But I cannot use gwt-rpc because browsers are not allowing to make request to other domain. Bookmarklet's nature is that, they must live in all web pages. And thanks we have cross-domain-scripting :). Gwt has a jsonpRequestBuilder, it saves my brain again :).

If you want details fell free to ask the codez...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am GGlet. I am here for you. Be sure that i will develop some tools to make your life easier. But i developed one already, it's name is "www.translet.Co". It is a bookmarklet. This is the simplest way to translate ever and works with Google translate.

How it works? 

Simply select some text with the mouse that you want to translate and click on bookmarklet link "translet.Co". The bookmarklet will automatically detect the language and translate the text for you. Translated text will appear in a window at the top right corner of the page. You never need to leave any page that you wanted to translate.

Your translation is only one bookmarklet away!

  1. Auto detect your browsers language.
  2. Gets the mouse selections automatically for translate. (If you don't want, you can set it OFF)
  3. If you want to write your own text to translate, just write and wait for the result. There is no need to press enter button or do other things...
  4. Opacity options.
  5. Whole page translation.
  6. 90 different languages are supporting by Google translate. So translet.Co is supporting all of them directly.